60 Day Hit It Hard Fitness Program


60 Day Hit It Hard Program

Get Fit, Build Lean Muscle & Gain Confidence

Join Now and Get 60 Days of MMA HIIT workouts, a delicious meal plan, exclusive access to Coach Kaytlin and the baddest community around!

A New, Fun Way To Eat & Workout To Get Fit


The 60 Day Challenge will teach you combat style training, how to make healthy meals & get into the best shape of your life!


You’ll get a meal plan full of everyday ingredients to help you accelerate your results, give you increased energy, and taste delicious.


Coach Kaytlin will guide you through her 52 favorite combat workouts and recipes for every meal including snacks!


Access to the baddest online sisterhood full of like-minded people with different goals working towards bettering themselves.

This Program Will Work For You!

MMA & other forms of combat style training are highly technical. Throughout the workouts, the main focus will be on technique and the purpose behind each movement. You don’t even realize how many calories you’re burning!

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Women Doing Work And Getting Results


"Completing the Bad Athletics 60 Day Challenge gave me so much more than physical results. It increased my confidence, improved my mood, and taught me how to focus my attention on eating nutritious food that also taste great! On top of all these benefits, I lost 7 pounds and gained so much muscle! " –Sierra Richard, PharmD

"I've seen amazing improvement with my stamina, stability, flexibility, and agility. The weight loss becomes the bonus! 

My favorite thing about this program is having a tribe of amazing women always there to back you up. You have a community of women who want to help you be your best self so you can live your best life!!" -Kerri Dalrymple

“ I love the 60 day challenge. It’s not your traditional workout, you never know what your going to do next. Each round tests you mentally and physically. I became stronger and have more confidence in myself. I love the group of strong and positive women in this group always motivating and inspiring! Become a BADASS! Join the BAD team!” -Adrianne Fowler 

Meet Your Coach!


Kaytlin has been training women for the past 10 years. She has helped hundreds of women get fit, build lean muscle and gain confidence. She’s poured all of her experience and knowledge into the Be Bold Challenge to help you get into the best shape of your life!

Get Fit, Build Lean Muscle And Gain Confidence

Hit It Hard Program



60 Days of Guided Workouts

60 Days of Meals

60 Days of Hitting Your goals

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Ebook & Workouts

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Ebook & Workouts

Still Looking for Answers?

What do I need for the workouts?

This challenge was meant to be done at home with minimum equipment. You don't have to use anything but yourself.

If you want to redo the challenge and increase the effort you can use gloves or a bag to go along with the work outs. 

Can I do this at home?

Yes this challenge was built so you can do everything from your home if you want! 

Is there a meal plan?

Yes there is! When you buy the challenge you will get access to a vip section of our website, which includes all the videos and ebook for the meal plan. 

The meal plan includes 60 different recipes that are delicious and built specifically for you to hit your fat loss or lean muscle building goals. 

How long do the workouts take?

The workouts are 30 mins so you know you'll get a your sweat on but quick enough to fit in whenever you can!