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I took the same BCAAs for years, because the brand claimed to be all natural. Yet there were ingredients that weren’t necessary added for “special” effects. It used to bother my stomach really bad and make me sweat profusely. Bad Athletics BCAAs are simple – exactly what you need and none of the extra fluff. Plus they taste amazing! My fav combo is anything with the Limeade 🙂


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I really really love the Watermelon BCAAs. I have the Watermelon and Limeade and mix them together and they most definitely don’t taste like a supplement, they taste like Candy. They are not gritty or funky at all, and mix in well. They really are enjoyable to drink, as well as filled with high quality, healthy ingredients. I love them.


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Not only is this the best freaking flavor ever these BCAAs actually work! I went a whole week without taking them to see if they actually do make that big of a difference and they do! A must have in anybody’s routine!


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The Ultimate Guide To Bad Athletics BCAAS

When should I take BCAAs?

You can take BCAAs any time of day, but BCAAs are most effective during your workout or right after your work out!

What does BCAAs stand for?

BCAA stands for Branched-Chain Amino Acids and refers to three very specific amino acids:

leucine, isoleucine, and valine

What do BCAAs do for me?

Bad Athletics BCAAs are formulated to help build, repair and maintain lean muscle mass and are most effective when taken before or during your workout. Caffeine and stimulant free, a single serving of Bad BCAA’s deliver a scientifically proven ratio of 2:1:1 (2.5g leucine, 1.25g isoleucine, 1.25g valine). Our mix and match flavors allow you to customize to taste for maximum refreshment and includes a special blend of key ingredients designed to keep your body fully hydrated while reducing fatigue and accelerating the recovery process.

Do BCAAs have caffeine in them?

Our BCAAs do not have caffeine in them.

They do include a hydration formula which includes coconut water and Himalayan salt. Which is great for those hard lifting sessions or cardio. 

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