5 More Easy Protein Shake Alternatives!

You guys loved our 5 Easy Protein Shake Alternatives blog, so we decided to make a part two, five more easy protein shake alternatives! I hope you guys enjoy it!

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Protein shakes can get old. Really fast. Even when the flavors are delicious and it’s convenient to add a few scoops of Bad Athletics Protein into a shaker bottle with a few oz of almond milk or water… Benefits aside, an old fashioned protein shake may not be what your taste buds are wanting all of the time. 

So what do you do when you still need to get that protein in, but don’t necessarily want to chug down another shake. 

I’ve got a few ideas!

1- Protein Balls

Protein balls are so great. Grab one as a quick snack or to satisfy your sweet tooth! You can’t taste the protein powder and they’re easy to make. There are SO many recipes out there, so you can’t say you don’t like protein balls. You just haven’t found the right recipe yet.

Looking for some easy no bake protein ball recipes? Click here!

2- Try adding protein powder to your baking

You can add protein powder to almost any baking recipe. I’m talking muffins, cookies, breads, waffles, pancakes, brownies, etc. There are so many opportunities to add a sneaky scoop of protein powder into a recipe and I promise, you won’t even notice! 

3- Add protein to your peanut butter

Are you a peanut butter lover? I’m always eating peanut butter on toast, rice cakes and apples. Try mixing some protein powder into your peanut butter! I’ll scoop my peanut butter into a bowl, add some protein powder, and then add it to whatever I’m eating!

4- Add protein powder to your oatmeal

Add protein powder to your oatmeal! This tip has seriously changed my oatmeal game. I already find oatmeal quite filling, but when I add a scoop of protein powder into it, I am full all morning! Plus it adds a nice sweet flavor into my oatmeal and I don’t need to add a sweetener!

5- Mix protein into your yogurt

This tip goes hand in hand with the previous two. When you’re eating yogurt, add protein powder! It will help you stay fuller longer and can add a sweet flavor!

– For some ideas, check out the “How We Eat” section of our blog! 

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