5 Tips For Overcoming Cravings

Cravings are something all of us struggle with – even the most healthy eaters. They have little to do with actual hunger and everything to do with us wanting to satisfy physiological and psychological needs, including responses stress and hormones. So, how do we overcome cravings? This blog has 5 tips for overcoming cravings and finding ways to satisfy your needs.

1- Get protein in every snack/meal

 Protein is the most filling macronutrient, so it will help you feel more satisfied. That’s what cravings are all about – feeling satisfied! If you are eating enough protein, odds are you won’t have as many cravings throughout the day because you will be full and satisfied. Aim to get 20-30 grams of protein in every snack and meal you eat. A great way to get a hit of protein during the day is drinking a protein shake! BAD Athletics protein has 20g of protein per serving and has a delicious sweet flavor to help satisfy a sweet tooth!

2- Sleep! 

Sleep has so many effects on our bodies. To help overcome your cravings, try getting more sleep. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation is linked to junk food cravings. When your body is tired, it craves more food to sustain your energy. Instead of eating more, get more sleep! It will not only help you avoid cravings, but improve other aspects of your health as well.

3- Stay hydrated

Do you struggle to feel full and have cravings often? Odds are, your body is thirsty instead of hungry. If you’re having a craving, try drinking a glass of water. A great option that can satisfy your sweet tooth is adding BAD Athletics Energy & BCAAs into your water. Not only do they taste great, they have additional health benefits!

4- Be mindful of your emotions

Many of us turn to food for comfort in stressful times. One way to avoid emotional eating is being mindful. If you have something stressful happen, stop and practice some deep breathing. Go for a walk outside, stretch, call a friend,  or listen to your favorite song if you need to deal with stress. Developing new habits will help you maintain a healthy weight and leave you feeling better about yourself than a tub of ice cream will.

5- Find healthy alternatives 

There are some cravings you should let yourself have – it’s all about balance! Don’t deprive yourself of the foods you love. Instead, try to find healthier alternatives! Look for foods that will satisfy your craving, but won’t add the extra calories. There are so many healthy alternatives available for almost anything you’re craving. For some ideas, check out these recipes!

In Conclusion

I want you to know that having cravings is totally normal – we ALL have them! It’s good to understand where cravings stem from and what they’re telling us. If you can incorporate just a couple of these tips into your daily routine I promise you’ll see a difference in how cravings affect your life. If you have any additional tips, please leave them in the comments below!

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