8 Tips To Manage Stress/Anxiety

Many of us feel stressed or anxious at times. Here are 8 tips to help manage stress/anxiety along with ways to increase positivity and happiness.

1- Move

We have all heard this before, but exercising is so good for us! Not only physically but mentally as well. You don’t even have to exercise, just move! Get up, get your blood pumping and your body will thank you. Endorphins are real and they have major impacts on our mental state.

2- Eat Well Balanced Meals

When we start feeling stressed or anxious, some of us turn to comfort foods. This is okay to do every once in a while, but don’t let it become a regular thing. Our bodies thrive off of fruits and veggies and need vitamins and minerals to keep us healthy. Food has such a huge impact on how we feel inside and can dictate how we spend our time. For example, if you’re eating huge, caloric dense foods, you’re probably going to feel tired afterwards. When you eat fresh, nutrient dense foods, your body is fueled and ready to go! Try eating a more balanced diet and see how it has major impacts on your mental well-being.

3- Spend Less Time Looking At Social Media/News

Although social media and news outlets are great ways to get information and stay connected to the world, they can also be sources of anxiety and stress. If you’re feeling anxious or stressed try spending less time on social media or paying attention to the news. Set limits on how much time each day you’ll spend consuming these media channels and stick to it.

4- Journal

Journaling is something we are all familiar with, but most of us don’t do. If you are feeling anxious or stressed write it all down. Get those thoughts and feelings out of your head and onto paper. Journaling can be whatever you want it to be, so don’t feel like you have to write about your whole day. Get some words on paper and see how less cluttered your mind is!

5- Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is more than the usual “taking a deep breath”. Deep breathing is breathing into our diaphragm through the nose and out through the mouth. Try doing it as slowly as you can to lower your heart rate. This is a technique used by many and is highly successful especially for anxiety.

6- Happy Music

I don’t know about you, but listening to happy, upbeat music always puts me in a better mood. Taking the time to make your environment as positive as you can is a great way to help manage stress/anxiety. Next time you’re feeling stressed turn on a happy song and see how it improves your mood!

7- Get Fresh Air

Oftentimes, most people feel stressed and anxious because of things out of their control. One way to help get your mind off of things and get some perspective is by going outside. Getting fresh air is great for our bodies and Vitamin D is also a good way to boost your mood and immune system.

8- Less Caffeine

We all love caffeine because it wakes us up and helps us feel energized. However, if you are feeling anxious emotions, caffeine can actually make you feel more stressed and anxious because your heart rate increases with the caffeine. One solution to this problem is consuming natural caffeine. Our Energy product is made with natural caffeine and ashwagandha. Both of these ingredients may prevent you from feeling increased anxiety and allow you to still have an energy boost.


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