All About Our “Hit It Hard” 60 Day Program

The Hit It Hard 60 Day Program is unlike any other challenge you’ve done before! It is full of unique workouts and a flexible meal plan that allows you to lose fat, build muscle and have fun while you’re doing it. The meal plan is simple to follow and is filled with yummy recipes that are easy to make. We also have a community of women who have similar goals, so we can support each other along the way! 

The Workouts

The workouts in the 60 day challenge are a mix of MMA and HIIT style workouts. As a professional MMA fighter, I know how effective and fun combat style training can be! Your focus is on technique, so you’ll often not realize how hard you’re working. 

The workouts for the 60 day program are divided up into five minute rounds, similar to a fight. This allows you to really push yourself throughout the round knowing that you’ll get a one minute break afterwords. This specific style of training is extremely effective for fat loss, building muscle and will take your cardio to the next level!

Not only does this program give you physical results, it will give you a boost of confidence as well. We all struggle to stay motivated and have confidence but this program is already laid out. All you have to do is follow the plan!

The Meal Plan

I created this meal plan based off of what I eat during the times that I am preparing for fights. These meals allow me to perform and feel my best while still being able to make the weight to fight. The reason the 60 day meal plan works so well is because the recipes are simple to follow and allow you to eat healthier versions of food you already know and love! 

After working with women for over 10 years as a personal trainer, I know how important nutrition is when trying to get in shape. These meals will not only accelerate your results, but will allow you to eat what you like and feel confident in the kitchen. The recipes are made with everyday ingredients so you won’t have to go out and buy a bunch of stuff.

I created this program to help women achieve the results they’ve been looking for. I personally do these workouts and eat these meals and love how sustainable they are.

The Community

I wouldn’t be where I am today without my teammates and coaches. Having people to support you and hold you accountable is essential for success. This is why we have a private Facebook community. This community is full of women who are going through the challenge with you and they’re going to need your support and feedback!

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