All About Vitamin D3 – Benefits, Deficiency, Supplementing

Introducing our new product – Vitamin D3! This blog is all about vitamin D3, the benefits of taking a supplement, signs of deficiency and more.

Why did we create a Vitamin D3 supplement?

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is something all of us need. Our bodies produce vitamin D when exposed to direct sunlight. We also get it from a  few foods. Vitamin D comes in three forms, D1, D2, and D3. Each of these different forms come from a different source. Vitamin D3 is the form that our bodies produce from sunlight. We need all forms of vitamin D, but D3 is the most beneficial to our health and well-being. Our bodies are able to absorb D3 the best, which makes it the most effective.

Studies have shown that anywhere from 25-50% of people are deficient in vitamin D.

What are the benefits of supplementing?

Vitamin D is crucial for bone health and immune system function. It also helps regulate the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Getting the proper amount of vitamin D is important for the development and growth of healthy bones and teeth. 

If you’re deficient in vitamin D, you’re at risk of developing osteoporosis and other bone abnormalities. You may also be more susceptible to depression or a weakened immune system.

1- Helps fight disease

Studies have shown that vitamin D can help you avoid disease. Specifically heart disease, the flu and Multiple Sclerosis

2- Decrease depression

Studies have shown that people with depression who supplemented with vitamin D saw an improvement in their symptoms. 

3- Boost weight loss

One study showed that people who took a daily calcium and vitamin D supplement were able to lose more weight than others on a placebo. The extra calcium and vitamin D created an appetite-suppressing effect.

Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency

-Fatigue, aches/pains

-Sick often

-Bone or muscle pain

-Stress fractures


-Hair loss

You can get tested for a vitamin D deficiency by going to your doctor and getting a blood test. We recommend talking to your doctor before taking any supplements.

All about our Vitamin D3

Our vitamin D3 comes in 30 softgels. The pills are small in size, making them easy to swallow. Give it a try today with our 1 year worry-free money back guarantee! Check it out!

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