An Inside Look at Bad Athletics Apparel

As a new start up, it is important for us to get our message across to our customers. Everything we sell has a message and story behind it that is close to our hearts. We want to be more than a health and wellness company, we want to support, inspire, and encourage women everywhere.

While creating products, we think about what women want and try to create things that everyone will enjoy and feel confident about. 

This article is dedicated to our apparel and the message behind it. 

Our Mission

First, here is our mission statement for our clothing: 

We are a small startup brand that is dedicated to your goals. This clothing is designed with YOU in mind. We not only want you to love how this clothing fits and feels, but to feel confident and motivated to achieve your goals. You are capable of happiness, strength, motivation, and resilience. 

DON’T make this purchase lightly. Invest in this clothing knowing, let it be a constant reminder that YOU are responsible for becoming your boldest, strongest, baddest self.

Clothing That Fits The Way You Want

Something we noticed about other fitness brands is that the clothing is tight, form fitting and somewhat revealing. This is all good for some people, but for the people just beginning to workout or who are built differently, this can be problematic. 

We want our clothing to fit every girl no matter what shape, size, height, or age she is. That’s why we have clothing that isn’t all tight or revealing. Our most popular clothing item is our joggers, which goes to show that not everyone feels comfortable in leggings or wants to be in tight clothes all the time.

Our Promise To You

As our company continues to grow, we want our customers to feel like they are our top priority. Because they are. As female athletes, we know how it feels to have your body change or needing assistance achieving your goals. Our products are made to help women achieve their goals.

Above all, we are always here to support you! Become a Bad Athlete and start repping our apparel!

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