Athlete For Life – Berkeley Oblad

We are excited to introduce you to Berkeley Oblad! Berkeley recently finished her volleyball career at the University of Utah and graduated with a degree in graphic design! Standing at 6’4” as a dominant middle blocker from Las Vegas, Nevada, we are so excited to share Berkeley’s story!

Here are some of Berkeley’s accomplishments from her volleyball career at the University of Utah:

  • Named AVCA Second Team All-American
  • Earned Pacific South All-Region honors and was named All-Pac-12 honorable mention
  • Became the fourth player in program history to have over 1,000 career kills and 500 career blocks
  • Posted career highs with 338 kills hitting .317 while also leading the team with 159.0 blocks

Berkeley Isn’t Done Yet!

Berkeley began her professional volleyball career last year in Kaposvar, Hungary and is looking to play next fall in Paris!

There’s more to Berkeley than her skills on the volleyball court and we thank her for allowing us to share her story! She has a passion for photography and has her own website where you can learn more about her and read about her life experiences. For day to day content, you can find Berkeley on Instagram @berkeleydawn12

Growing Up With Sports

Berkeley grew up in an active family. Both of her parents were competitive athletes. Her Mom was a state champion in gymnastics and Dad played basketball. Berkeley’s first sports were tennis and soccer. When she moved to Las Vegas at the age of 8, she began playing volleyball. The first few years were kinda rough but she stuck it out and in a few years became the best player on her team.

She played volleyball in high school and soon had division 1 scholarship offers. She committed to the University of Utah as a sophomore in high school and the rest is history!

Sports Shaped Her Life

Sports have shaped her entire life. Berkeley has learned countless life lessons that have made her who she is today. One of these lessons includes how to work hard, both physically and mentally. Sports also taught her the importance of showing up even when you don’t want to and putting the work in. 

During her career, Berkeley had her share of injuries. The most challenging may have been the injury to her elbow at the beginning of her senior year. She had to sit the rest of the year and wasn’t sure if she would be able to play the next season. 

During this time Berkeley learned a lot about herself and how to have patience. She was able to focus on her mental health and realize that sports don’t define her and that she is more than just a volleyball player. 

Berkeley’s Current Situation

As mentioned earlier, Berkeley isn’t done with her volleyball career yet. She played professionally in Hungary for two months before coming home due to the COVID-19 outbreak. She is planning on playing this next season in Paris but in the meantime, she is back home training.

Athlete For Life – Berkeley Oblad

The concept of being an athlete for life was something Berkeley hadn’t thought about before. Many people associate being an athlete with playing a sport and competing on a team. Here at BAD Athletics, we believe everyone is an athlete and all you need is a body, good work ethic and goals. 

For Berkeley, being an athlete for life means being willing to work hard and compete. Once her collegiate career was over, Berkeley realized how important it is to continue having structure like she did in college.

When it comes to supplements, Berkeley always knew you should get protein in after workouts, but that was the extent of her knowledge. BCAAs have been a new addition to her routine and she loves them. Her favorite BAD Athletics supplements are the peanut butter protein and watermelon BCAAs and she looks forward to trying more flavors! Everyone show Berkeley some love!

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