Athlete For Life – Brooke Bowen

As a wife, mother of 3 and a Spartan World Champion, we are excited to share all about Brooke Bowen!

You can find her on Instagram @brookebo_1.

Growing Up

Brooke grew up in a very athletic family. Her Dad was a collegiate football player and her Mom was always into being active and working out. This resulted in Brooke and her siblings participating in many sports and being active.

Brooke’s main sport was swimming. She swam for 10 years and had a successful career. In high school she was part of an All-American relay team whoset a state record in 1995 that still stands today!

When the time came to go to college, Brooke had collegiate swimming options, but after injuries and experiencing burnout, she decided to be done with sports. However, this didn’t stop Brooke from staying active.

Becoming A Spartan World Champion

When it came to working out after sports, Brooke wanted to continue training for competitions because it was what she was used to and enjoyed. The first thing she trained for was a triathlon with a friend. She enjoyed that and continued doing programs like P90X and eventually got involved in Spartan races.  

Brooke participated in her first Spartan race 5 years ago and fell in love. It was challenging and made her feel accomplished. After her first race, she was ready to immediately sign up for the next one! Brooke has done around 30 Spartan races, which means she’s done about 8 per year! She is always trying to improve her performance.

All of this training has paid off because last year, Brooke became the Spartan World Champion in her age group! Another fun fact about Brooke is that she was on the television show Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge!

Overcoming Obstacles

Sports have played a huge role in who Brooke is today. From an early age, she had to learn about hard work and sacrifice. When her friends were out doing other things, Brooke was training.

One of the main lessons Brooke has learned from sports that correlates with life is overcoming obstacles. In her races she has to overcome obstacles. This translates that to her life. In a race she can’t go around the obstacles, she has to go through them the best she can. 

Brooke has had her share of obstacles in life. One obstacle that she has been dealing with is her oldest son having autism. It was an obstacle she didn’t expect but decided to do everything she could to educate herself and give her son the best life possible. Overcoming obstacles are not a matter of “if” but “how”.

Being an Athlete For Life

Brooke does consider herself an athlete. She believes that anyone who moves their body is an athlete. If you run, you are a runner. Don’t tell yourself what you aren’t and focus on what you are! Your body can do amazing things.

Favorite BAD Athletics Products

Brooke is a huge lover of BAD Athletics supplements! Protein is her favorite, specifically the coconut flavor! Brooke counts her macros and relies on our protein powders to hit her protein goals. 

In addition to the protein, Brooke uses our BCAAs during her strength workouts and loves the Guava energy!

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