Athlete For Life – Colleen Freese

We are so excited to introduce you to our newest athlete for life, Colleen Freese! Colleen is a certified fitness instructor and Mom of two. She has many fitness certifications and teaches a variety of workout types. Check out some of her workouts on her YouTube channel and find her on Instagram @colleenfreesefitness.

Growing Up

Growing up Colleen was super active and competitive – and she still is today. She identified with being a jock growing up and participated in volleyball, basketball and track. 

Since Colleen has always been active, movement is important to her. Colleen finds movement as a form of self-regulation. If she isn’t moving, she doesn’t feel like herself. 

Her Fitness Journey

Colleen’s fitness journey began in college. She went to a Zumba class and loved it, which surprised Colleen especially because she doesn’t come from a cheer or dance background. The group training aspect gave her a sense of accountability and belonging. 

During those Zumba classes, she thought that being an instructor could be fun. However, Colleen was currently working in corporate jobs and knew she wanted to have kids so she put it on the back burner.

After her second son was born, Colleen went back to the same Zumba classes she’d fallen in love with during college. This time around she didn’t get the same satisfaction and excitement around them. This is when she got into High Fitness

They were offering one High Fitness class in the whole state of Washington and it happened to be 10 minutes from Colleen’s house. After going to one High Fitness class, Colleen knew she wanted to teach it. Teaching High Fitness started as a way for Colleen to get out of the house. She didn’t think it would be the full-time career it’s turned into.

Colleen Freese Athlete For Life 

Colleen believes she is an athlete and will be one for life. You don’t need to be on a team or competing to be an athlete. Colleen thinks people don’t take High Fitness or Zumba seriously, they think it’s just dancing. It’s not just dancing and it requires muscular endurance.

Colleen likes to remind her class members that they’re athletes. When she tells them this, she sees a shift in the way people act and perform the workouts. They’ll put in more effort and take the workout more seriously. Colleen loves the idea that anyone can be an athlete and encourages people to give themselves the credibility to be an athlete. The workouts you’re doing are hard! 

Colleen’s Take On Being Healthy

Colleen’s outlook on health and fitness has changed drastically over the last decade. She struggled for years with overtraining, restricting calories and body image. Now that she is in her 30s, Colleen is able to have a different approach to these topics than she did as a teenager and young adult. 

Colleen has a much more holistic outlook on health and fitness. The focus is on how she feels. Focusing on this makes Colleen’s lifestyle more sustainable and allows her to live freely. Colleen doesn’t count calories or macros. She eats to fuel her body and to perform well in her workouts. 

Life Lessons

Being healthy isn’t just about the sport or workout you’re doing. We often get too focused on losing weight or winning. Everyone is on their own journey. How you look shouldn’t be your primary goal, instead focus on working out from an internal perspective. We have to look at our health through every aspect of our lives. That includes sleep, nutrition, exercise, relationships, career, etc.

Colleen is often reminding her students to take a step back and recognize what they are getting out of the class. Make tweaks in your life so you can feel and be your best. The same thing applies for teenagers doing sports. Try to change the idea that winning in sports or losing weight has to be your whole focus. 

Everyday is different and not everyone is the same. We’re living in a weird time with social media and women especially feel the pressure. We can constantly see what everyone is doing. Give yourself grace and be patient. Find what works for you and don’t compare or copy what other people are doing. Find people you connect with. Take it day by day. 

Her View On Supplements

Colleen thinks supplements can be a great tool. She often cautions that it isn’t a one size fits all. Everyone is different and has different goals. Understand that these products are there to supplement, not fix or replace anything. Most people are looking to get additional protein into their diet and supplementing with protein powder is a great option. Colleen is a fan of BAD Athletics Salted Caramel Protein and BCAAs.

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