Athlete For Life – Laura Price

We are so excited to introduce you to our newest athlete for life, Laura Price! Laura is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. She is a Burn Bootcamp Support Trainer and Mom of two! You can find Laura on Instagram @price_of_fitness_and_nutrition.

What Motivated Laura To Get Fit

Laura didn’t grow up in a health or fitness conscious home. Her Mom wasn’t very into cooking, so that wasn’t a priority for Laura. At the time she didn’t mind because she was always skinny and never had to worry about what she ate.

Fast forward a few years and Laura is pregnant at age 25 with her son. It was a high risk pregnancy, so she was bed ridden almost the entire time. During this time she put on a lot of weight (understandably). Laura’s son was born 2 months premature, so even after his birth, all of her focus was on him.

Two years later, Laura was tired of how she felt about herself. As a result, she hired a trainer and started her health and fitness journey. Laura has always been an avid runner and goal setter, so taking this time to focus on herself gave her the motivation she needed to make a change.

Becoming A Trainer & Nutritionist

As a stay at home Mom, Laura wanted something for herself. She loved working out and decided to get certified as a trainer. Once Laura was working with clients, she realized how important nutrition was along with exercise. Because of this, Laura decided to also become a certified nutritionist.

Starting Her Instagram Account

Laura was getting so many messages from girls about her health and fitness routine, that she decided to start her own Instagram page. The focus of the page is to share her routine with others and reach as many people as possible.

Laura is always reminding her followers that she is a nutritionist, not a chef. Her focus is on creating healthy meals and getting enough protein. Raising two teenage kids, Laura says that 80% of her and her family’s diet is healthy. It’s all about balance.


Laura is all about being REAL! Her core beliefs are; real food, real fitness, real life. We are all real people who have real lives. We’re all flawed and we’re all trying. People have jobs, kids and social lives. All we can do is our best and find ways to be active each day.

As someone who has had self-esteem issues, Laura chooses to focus on things people can do to feel good about themselves. This can be hard, especially on Instagram when people glamorize everything. But that’s what makes Laura special, her dedication to being real.

Athlete For Life – Laura Price

Laura thinks everyone should consider themselves an athlete. Being an athlete doesn’t mean that you are in perfect shape or talented at everything. Compete with yourself and try to be better each day.

Laura loves to participate in different races and finds ways to stay active everyday.

We’re so grateful to Laura for allowing us to share her story! Go give her a follow on Instagram @price_of_fitness_and_nutrition.


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  1. Aaron says:

    What an inspiration! Its hard to eat healthy and be balanced. I’m so tired of the fake-a-grams. I like that she focuses on easy quick solutions. Thanks for putting yourself out there!

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