Athlete For Life – Natalie Mitchell

We are so excited to announce our newest athlete for life – Natalie Mitchell! Nat was a student-athlete at Providence College and just graduated in 2019. She played field hockey all four years and graduated with her degree in Finance. 

Nat has a passion for cooking and making healthy recipes! Find her on Instagram @naturallybeingnat

Growing Up

Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Nat was surrounded by sports from a young age. Both of her parents were college athletes, so it was in her blood to be athletic and competitive. She played a variety of sports growing up and played field hockey, basketball and lacrosse in high school. She was able to continue her athletic career by playing field hockey at the Division 1 level.

Lessons Learned From Sports

There are countless lessons that can be learned from sports. Here are a few of the main lessons Nat learned throughout her career that have stuck with her:

  • Time management. Time management is huge for college athletes. You’re juggling practice, workouts, recovery, school, sleep and a social life. Her time management skills helped her be a successful athlete and continue to help her be successful in her career. She is able to balance her corporate job and Instagram account with planning and efficiency.
  • Diligence. Nat has learned to never give up. No matter how hard something is, she will always fight to overcome it. No matter what the fight is, whether it’s in sports or in life, she will always fight to the end.
  • Communication. As a student-athlete, communication is essential for success. You have to know how to communicate with your teammates, coaches and teachers. This life skill has allowed her to effectively communicate with different people and know that you can’t talk to everyone the same way. 

Tough Transition

As her collegiate career came to an end, Nat ran into an identity crisis. She had been used to so much structure that it was hard to go from all of that to nothing. She was on her own now and had to figure out what she was going to do.

Nat thinks more people should talk about how hard of a transition it is from college sports to normal life. It’s something that so many athletes experience, but rarely talk about. 

Luckily for Nat, she started her Instagram page displaying all of her healthy recipes during her final season. This gave her something to focus on and continue working on after sports were over. Food is something that allows Nat to share her knowledge from over the years and find a way to stay healthy and fit. 

Natalie’s Philosophy

Nat believes that clean eating shouldn’t be boring. She wants to shut down the stigma that eating less is better or that eating healthy is unenjoyable. Cooking is an opportunity to get creative in the kitchen, and you need to fuel your body.

For Nat it’s all about eating foods that are nutritious and having a balanced diet. You can be fit and healthy but also have a life. It’s okay to go out and eat with your friends. Having that balance is what allows you to make it a lifestyle. Nat doesn’t recommend following a strict diet, instead find wholesome, real ingredients that will fuel your body!

An Athlete For Life

Nat will always consider herself an athlete for life. It’s in her blood. She doesn’t think you have to play a sport to consider yourself one. Being competitive in everything you do is a great way to stay an athlete for life. Whether that’s in your career or hobbies, you can find ways to be an athlete.

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