Athlete For Life – Sarah Thomas

We are so excited to have Sarah Thomas as our newest athlete for life! Sarah is a professional boxer and we are excited to share her story! You can find Sarah on Instagram @sarahhhthomas

Sarah began her athletic journey from a young age. She loved sports and being competitive, so she tried as many sports as she could. Soccer, track, basketball, dance, skiing, rock climbing, you name it, she’s probably done it. 

Sarah enjoyed sports but wasn’t sure if team sports were the right fit for her. She was very aggressive and didn’t like that some people could slack off. As a result, she started her journey into martial arts. 

Her Journey With Martial Arts

Sarah began her martial arts journey in college. She started out with kickboxing and knew it was something she enjoyed. The individual aspect allowed Sarah to thrive. No one could avoid the blame. It was all up to her whether she succeeded or failed. 

From the start, she went in with the intention to fight. Sarah wanted to compete and be aggressive. Throughout her time exploring martial arts, Sarah tried MMA but found that boxing was her true passion. In 2018 she made the decision to become a boxer and hasn’t looked back!

Lessons Learned From Sports

– Be humble – Being humble is especially relevant in combat sports. You may think you’re “all that” until you get beat up. That will humble anyone fast.

– Accountability – The accountability Sarah has learned from sports has helped her get to where she is today. Everyday she has to be accountable because it’s an individual sport. There is no one to blame when things go wrong. 

– Overcoming fear – Fear can prevent us from going after what we want. Once you can overcome your fear, the other things in life tend to seem easier.

Favorite Boxing Memory / Accomplishment

One of Sarah’s most proud moments from boxing was during the Ring Master’s Tournament (formally known as the New York Golden Gloves) in New York City. She had just gone through a difficult breakup and was in a bad place. She kept boxing through it and fought out her emotions.

As the tournament went on, she realized she had made it to the finals. With little sleep and high emotions, she was able to push through and win!

This experience allowed Sarah to gain the confidence she needed. 

Athlete For Life – Sarah Thomas

Sarah will continue being an athlete for life even after her boxing career. The idea of being an athlete for life is something Sarah wishes more people knew about. When you finish your sport you don’t have to stop being an athlete. 

Sarah believes in taking supplements – especially for athletes competing at a high level. She likes to think of them as insurance. It’s hard to get everything you need from your diet alone, so taking supplements guarantees that she’ll get the nutrients she needs.

Sarah takes a variety of supplements including BAD Athletics protein powder

We wish Sarah luck with the rest of her boxing journey and are grateful to have her join the BAD Athletics family!

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