Athlete For Life – Victoria Smith

We are so excited to introduce you to our newest athlete for life, Victoria Smith! Victoria is a certified personal trainer and current student at Utah State University. She works at Sports Academy in Logan, UT and you can find Victoria on Instagram @victoria__strong.

Growing Up

Victoria grew up in Minnesota as 1 of 6 kids. She got into health and fitness from a young age mostly because of her Mom. Victoria’s Mom was very into yoga and would bring the whole family to yoga every Saturday. 

When Victoria got into high school she ran cross country. She enjoyed running and the way it made her feel. 

Finding Her Passion

During her church mission in Alabama, Victoria discovered her passion for health and fitness. She realized people didn’t know how to prioritize fitness into their lives and wanted to change that. When Victoria returned from her mission, she decided to change majors and transferred from BYU Idaho to Utah State. 

Once Victoria had switched majors everything clicked. She loved her classes and became a NASM personal trainer. Victoria graduates this spring and looks forward to expanding her personal training career. 

Her Philosophy

From a young age, Victoria learned that when she was taking care of her body physically, it affected her emotions, her school, and sleep. Fitness affects everything. It isn’t doing a sport. It’s taking care of yourself. If you take care of your body it will take care of you.

Victoria’s philosophy is “be the best you”. We are all individuals and we should take pride in that. Focusing on your health and fitness can help you become the best version of yourself. 

This philosophy doesn’t just apply to fitness. Victoria wants her message to be focused on overall health in every aspect. For Victoria, working out isn’t to look a certain way. That used to be her focus, and she realized how unfulfilling that mindset was. 

Over the last few years, Victoria has shifted her focus from aesthetics to performance. It’s about what she can do and who she can be. Knowing what she can do and how strong she is brings Victoria way more confidence than her appearance ever did. Because of this, Victoria wants her clients and followers to have a goal about their performance instead of their appearance. 

She loves the way working out makes her feel and as someone with ADD, Victoria said it helps channel her energy and focus. 

Athlete For Life – Victoria Smith

Victoria wouldn’t normally consider herself an athlete. When she saw that BAD Athletics believes everyone is an athlete, it changed her perspective. Most people attribute being an athlete to participating in a specific sport, but she now sees it as staying competitive and finding ways to compete against yourself.

Thank you Victoria for letting us share your story!

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