Big Picture Fitness, What’s That??

At Bad Athletics, we’re in it for the long game.

We like being strong in every way. We truly care about our health and taking care of our bodies. We know and understand that reaching our goals, whatever they might be, takes a sustainable and consistent approach.

There is no such thing as a quick fix. Fad diets don’t work and there’s no magic “easy” button to help you lose 30 lbs overnight or even to make you like the way you look.

You can either do the work and appreciate your body for what its capable of, or you can give in to the self-doubt and all the reasons you’ve quit or fallen short before.

There are no shortcuts!

You have to do the work, nobody’s going to do it for you. When you shift your priorities and start to appreciate yourself and your body for what it can do and NOT necessarily for how you look, it can be life changing in all the best ways.

When we say we’re in it for the long game, it means we can see the bigger picture. It means we’re gonna keep showing up. Maybe you’ll never lose the amount of weight you think you should lose, maybe you’ll never have visible abs and boulder shoulders…OR MAYBE YOU WILL. Keep showing up regardless!

You deserve to feel strong, and your body deserves to be taken care of and put to work.

So let’s do this!


Get a hold of yourself, woman!

Stop giving up or freaking out each time you don’t see the results you think you want. The world won’t end if the scale shows you a number you don’t want to see. Water weight, muscle gain, fat loss, hormones, stress…they can all contribute to normal fluctuations that aren’t worth your time or energy to dwell on. 

If you skipped a workout one day because you felt tired and overwhelmed or you ate a giant burger with fries and a shake, don’t rake yourself over the coals.

We’re all human and nobody’s expecting you to be perfect.

It’s not worth your time or energy to dwell on all the ways you might fall short. You won’t suddenly gain 20 lbs from skipping one workout or having a burger so don’t fall into the shame spiral trap. Eat your burger, get your rest, and start fresh tomorrow.

Stop freaking out about the little stuff and think about the big picture! If you eat a burger and skip your workout every day…then you might have a problem so don’t do that!

If you have an off day, shake it off and move on. Perspective is everything!


Consistency is key.

It matters when you consistently show up for yourself. It matters when you choose to eat the good stuff and keep the junk to a minimum the majority of the time. Don’t punish yourself for getting dessert, just don’t get dessert at every single meal. 

It matters when you make it a priority to move your body every single day so do it! If you don’t have time to get to the gym, take a short walk or do a quick HIIT workout at home and get to the gym tomorrow. Choose to move and make it happen!

It matters when you make a dedicated effort to get enough sleep  (even if it doesn’t end up happening because, life!). You can sure as heck try and keep trying every single day and that’s what counts!  

We make a thousand different choices every single day. At the moment they might seem relatively small as far as choices go, but when you’re consistent with those choices you’ll find that they become habits, and over time those habits become your norm.

Keep choosing the things that are best for you! 

Choose to move your body when you can.

Choose the foods that fuel your body right and hit your tastebuds too.

Figure out what you want, and work to make it happen!

You have a choice!

Consistency, effort, attitude. 

It’s amazing how these three things can affect your ability to accomplish your goals. Be consistent and set yourself up for success! 


There are seasons in life for everything, including health and fitness. There are times in your life when circumstances allow you to be laser focused on your goals and allow you the time and energy to meal prep like a mad woman and dedicate the time and effort towards achieving specific goals or PRs.

There are other seasons where just showing up for your daily sweat session is enough to do your body and mind right.

Adjust your expectations according to your season and don’t give in to the temptation to swing to extremes. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to show up and try.


Celebrate the small things! Celebrate the time you built enough endurance to run an extra mile. Be proud as hell the time you ate one cookie instead of the entire batch, that takes some serious self-control! Honor the effort it took to grow and birth a child. BODIES ARE SO AMAZING. Be appropriately pumped for the one time you actually got a full 8 hours of sleep.

Celebrate those small moments because it’s the small moments that add up and ultimately lead to reaching your goals and get you heading the right direction towards a more positive and healthy life.


Big picture fitness is about not sweating the small stuff. Don’t waste your time or energy on self-doubt and negative thoughts. Don’t let one bad day knock you completely off track. Save your out of control spirals for someone else.

Stop freaking out about stuff that doesn’t matter.

Be consistent.

Celebrate and acknowledge your hard work.



Bad Protein was formulated to support your fitness and lifestyle goals no matter how specific or general they might be. Zero added sugar, sweetened with Stevia, smooth consistency and great macros too. We’ve got you covered! 

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