Coach Whitney – “Approach Life Like An Athlete”

“You Are An Athlete And The Level Of Your Training Will Determine Your Success In The Game Of Life”

This may be the first time you have heard of me but I hope it isn’t the last time.

My passion and my work is focused around you becoming your best self and doing your best work! I have spent the last nine years working with athletes to develop strength, fitness and the mental skills to compete at the highest levels. 

I love to play and compete in sports, especially rugby, olympic lifting, and running. 

I am here at Bad Athletics because of the belief that everyone is an athlete, 

“If you have a body, you are an athlete” – Bill Bowerman  

I don’t just take care of your body, my focus is on your mental, emotional, and social development so you can enjoy the benefits of being an athlete for life! 

My Early…Early…Early Days Of Training!

I have found out that my “launch story” is similar to most of your stories. I left home at  18 years old thinking I had it all figured out, I decided I wanted to be a school teacher and went off to college to earn a degree in education. 

I also randomly signed up for an ROTC class and thought it would make me a better leader; giving me the opportunity to teach and save lives.  As I went through ROTC, I was expected to perform some of the most mentally challenging workouts I had ever done in my young adult life. Most days I vehemently regretted joining the ROTC, but I couldn’t actually drop the credit. 

By the way, who really knows what they want at 18 or if we should even be allowed to make these decisions on our own. You feeling me?

One of the best habits I formed while being apart of the ROTC was getting up at 4am for PT. During these early morning trainings, we tested our physical and mental capacity. There were times we even jumped in the river, got soaking wet, then ran 6 or more miles with 30lbs strapped to our backs. 

It tested my limits, but for some insane reason I started to fall in love with the challenge and how it was pushing me to be better in all areas of my life. I enjoyed having “battle buddies” that were my teammates going through it all with me, with our sergeants pushing us and challenging us to believe we could make it through each and every obstacle we faced.  

By the end of that year, my goal to become a school teacher was put to the ultimate test. 

I sat in on a couple high school classes and observed those punk kids, (which I realized was me only a year before) not care about anything that was being taught, I decided that day that I needed to really define my WHY and find a career that would fulfill that purpose. 

What is a WHY and how do I find it? 

That next year, I started playing rugby for the college club team, and I moved departments and started a degree in Emergency Services and got certified as a Wildland Firefighter and EMT. A huge part of this degree that intrigued me was having to be in great shape mentally, emotionally, and physically. And I was motivated because you know “Fire” is hot and I wanted to be prepared to serve the community and help save lives. 

After the first year of Firefighter Training, I started to find a common theme in my life which was that I LOVED exercise, I craved doing hard things, and I wanted to help others transform their lives doing those two things. 

I also started playing Rugby! I had a coach, a team, and a structured environment where I trained multiple times a week. Being on the team was a game changer for me personally. 

I started to learn things as an Athlete that applied to my entire life. To be our best we need a Coach or a leader showing us the way, a team to stay accountable to, and structure to help us stick to what we are working on. 

At the end of that semester, I immediately changed my major AGAIN, and decided I would do Exercise Science. I wanted to learn everything I needed to know in order to coach and build systems that streamlined athletes ability to achieve peak performance. 

I was determined to find my calling. 

While finishing my degree, I picked up crossfit and olympic lifting. I was craving the opportunity to be an athlete, get coached by someone who knew more than me, and be surrounded by a team of like minded people motivated to become better everyday and hold me accountable. 

I took it one step further this year and also got a nutrition coach, because I knew I needed more training and accountability. I wasn’t necessarily overweight or skinny. I had always been just average, but I knew in order to train at my best, I had to get my eating sorted out. I started to develop simple ways to meal prep and stick to my nutrition that allowed me to feel amazing while competing. I built meal prep habits that have stuck with me for years now. 

In that same year I started working for my family business which was based all around health and fitness. I spent a lot of time with our customers talking to them about their goals, set backs, and struggles. 

Over the next 8 years, I worked closely with women customers specifically as we grew our business. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to witness how much these women’s lives had transformed as they started to implement supplements, nutrition, and fitness challenges that pushed them to reach their goals.  

Seeing these phenomenal transformations first hand, had reassured me that I was on the right path. 

But I started to see common themes in the customers that gained the weight back that they lost and I knew I had to do something about it. 

After being an Athlete, being on multiple teams with great coaches, and working 8 years in that business, I knew that if I was to ever own or work for another health company again, I would need to implement a proven personal development system that gave the customer every opportunity to develop the habits they needed for long-term success.  

Let’s be honest…very few people are talking about what it takes to live the rest of their life like an athlete. 

Did I just find my WHY, now how do I live it? 

Now, I am here at Bad Athletics, to build out the best Personal Development Program. Each one of us is an Athlete and we still need a coach to teach us what we don’t know, a team to keep us accountable, and structure to implement changes on a daily basis in order to become the best versions of ourselves. 

So how BAD do you want it? 


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