Creatine Is For Women Too, What You Need To Know:

For years creatine has received a negative attention in the media with a swirl of misinformation. The truth about creatine is that it’s completely awesome and can help take your training to the next level and should be something you should consider incorporating into your daily workout routine. 

The misinformation around creatine’s use has also scared women away with ideas that it will make you gain unwanted [water] weight, and create a ‘bulky’ frame. As women, we see all kinds of supplements geared towards us for weight loss, detoxes, hair skin & nails… but what about the heavy hitters? What about supplements that will make us strong so we can hit those PRs and chase our goals?

Creatine is completely safe and completely amazing when it comes to adding energy and other benefits during your workouts and supporting our lean muscle mass. 

Creatine Gives You More Energy

Most people don’t know that creatine is made from glycine and arginine which are amino acids produced naturally in our bodies by our kidneys, liver, and pancreas. You produce about 1-2 grams per day and expend it while you work out and doing your daily activities. 

About 95% of your body’s total creatine storage lies within your muscles and is known as phosphocreatine. Creatine helps raise your muscle’s phosphocreatine levels. It’s what helps with the creation of new ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the body’s biochemical way of storing and allocating energy. This is the energy you would use to work out and even do everyday things like run errands, go to work, and the most basic movements like scratching your nose. 

Have you ever felt like your mind could keep going during a workout, but your body seems to be saying no way? This happens because your body will start to breakdown more ATP than it has stored or can produce, leaving your muscles fatigued and your body unable to perform. When your muscles have no more ATP stores to tap into, they begin converting glucose into lactic acid instead. The lactic acid buildup in your muscles is what leads to that kind of painful soreness and fatigue that has you struggling to sit down on the toilet or go up and down stairs. It’s not fun, and can absolutely be avoided if you’re replenishing your depleted ATP levels and giving your muscles the energy source it should be using up instead. 

Creatine supplementation can help increase your body’s phosphocreatine stores and increase the production of ATP molecules. More ATP means you can work out longer and harder before reaching that level of exhaustion and fatigue that leads to painful lactic acid buildup. 

Creatine Can Build Lean Muscle Mass

Rumors of creatine causing you to retain water weight is a big reason I hear a lot of women saying they’ve never tried it or never care to. 

It’s true, you will retain a bit of water, but not around the areas you’re thinking. Creatine promotes cell volume or the amount of water content in your muscles. When a volumized muscle is placed under the stress of a lifting session (ladies, you should be lifting HEAVY) you increase amino acid uptake and protein synthesis. Both processes are essential in building lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle you have, the more fat your body will naturally burn. So yes, your muscles might hold onto a bit more water thanks to creatine supplementation but it’s for a good reason and ultimately works in your benefit. You’d have to be in a loading phase taking excessive amounts of creatine to really notice an increase in water weight gain anyway, which is not necessarily a method you need to incorporate unless you’re chasing down very specific performance goals and working with a coach and/or sports nutritionist. 

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How Do I Take Creatine?

When adding creatine into your supplement regimen we recommend starting off with one scoop of Bad Athletics Creatine per day. One scoop of Bad Athletics Creatine = 5g of creatine. Some fitness professionals recommend starting with a loading phase which dictates an increased amount of initial creatine intake, but unless you’re working with a coach or certified sports nutrition professional, we don’t recommend this approach. 

Cycling off creatine completely is rarely suggested in studies, as it hasn’t shown any kind of long term negative side effects. Creatine does not contain any kind of testosterone and won’t cause kidney stones or any other kind of side-effect, so don’t be afraid to use it! 

If you’re ready to crush your goals AND you’re serious about your gains, Bad Athletics Creatine is for you. 

Featuring 5g per serving of the purest form of creatine available, Bad Creatine helps build strength and increase your power output during exercise, allowing you to attack your workouts with intensity. Our quick digesting formula works to deliver much-needed energy to your depleted muscles in order to replenish ATP stores and boost performance levels, helping you bust through plateaus and train harder than ever before. 

  • Gives energy to tired muscles by replenishing depleted ATP stores
  • Build, maintain and support lean muscle mass
  • Highest Quality Creatine (Creapure Creatine Monohydrate)
  • Quick Digesting
  • Contributes to healthy brain function and bone health
  • Improves sleep quality


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