Creative Ways to Increase Your Steps Throughout The Day 

This blog is all about creative ways to increase you steps throughout the day! Quarantine life has forced many of us to make changes to our fitness routines. Staying inside all day and working from home is becoming the new norm. As a result, it’s also becoming harder to reach our step goal every day. Reaching your step goal indoors requires you to be a little more intentional with your movement, but it’s still totally doable. 

There are a ton of little things you can do over the course of the day to increase the amount of steps you take. Some may seem silly, but if you implement these into your day, you’ll be surprised how quickly you reach your step goal! 

Simple Ways To Walk More: 

1- Walk and talk.

If you have a phone call or a meeting, take a walk while doing it. This allows you to get fresh air, stretch your legs, and increase those steps. 

2- Walk in between episodes or during commercials.

You can walk around your living room between episodes or during the commercials and get that blood pumping. 

3- Be less efficient.

I know that sounds silly but normally when we are doing chores or cleaning the house we try to get as much as we can done in as little time as possible. So if you have kids or pets, clean up their toys one at a time instead of trying to grab one big armful. If you’re bringing in groceries, resist the urge to pack every bag onto each arm and make a few trips instead. 

4- Dance around the kitchen while you cook.

Getting your steps in doesn’t have to be a formal process. Turn on some music and dance around while you wait for the water to boil! 

5- Take your furry friend on a longer walk than usual.

If you don’t have a pet, ask your neighbor or a friend if you can walk their dog. You could even visit a local animal shelter and offer to walk one of the pups.  

6- Make it a competition.

If you have friends who are trying to up their steps too, engage in a friendly competition. Create a goal together and see who does the best job of hitting it after one week. 

In Conclusion 

I hope you found these creative ways to increase your steps throughout the day helpful! We are all having to make adjustments these days and staying disciplined can be hard. The best way to keep up with your goals is to find ways that make staying active fun. So get creative and get those steps in!

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