Forget Swimsuit Ready – Be Summer Strong Instead!



I mean, you can’t avoid it.


Everywhere you look it’s some sort of panicked marketing attempt designed to make us feel insecure about the way our bodies look.


“Get shredded for summer”


“Summer Shape-Up Plan!”


“Get A Bikini Body In 4 Weeks!”


Hurry up and get on your crash diet and do a million crunches and maybe run 20 miles so the 20 lbs you want to lose will fall right off, right?




So so wrong.


Don’t fall for the outright LIES these types of messages continue to send.


Don’t buy into the idea that female bodies are only valuable and worthy if they fit some sort of diet-happy, abs always visible, fitness model sort of mold. These type of messages bank on creating and perpetuating toxic insecurities that cripple us and destroy our self-worth.


Here’s some truth:  


Female bodies come in all shapes and sizes.


Our bodies are resilient and tough, adaptive and capable, strong and soft. Some ill-conceived, body shaming “bikini body summer shred” isn’t going to change any of that.


Let go of the idea that there’s some sort of “summer goal body” out there you should be trying to achieve or that you need to lose a certain amount of weight to be able to wear a swimsuit and have a bikini body.

Toss out the idea we need to be sexy for summer and realize it’s time to be summer STRONG instead.

Being summer strong is worrying less about how you look in a swimsuit and focusing on the work instead, it’s setting goals for yourself that have nothing to do with swimsuit season or getting a summer bod.


You have a body, it’s already summer. Boom. You have a summer body.  


Focus your goals on stuff that’s way more important!


Run a mile (or several miles) without stopping, hit a new PR on your squat, keep working on your strict pull-ups (WHY ARE THEY SO HARD?), try something new outside of your normal routine, hike up a tough trail, commit to hitting the gym 5 days a week, toss the kids in the stroller every day for an afternoon walk.


That’s what being summer strong is all about!

We make the Baddest supplements around to support you in your efforts and goals!

Our limited Summer Strong bundle has literally EVERYTHING you need to build your strongest self for your best summer yet!



Let’s get to work and see all the amazing things your body can DO.



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