#HomemadeHustle Explained

Everything we do, feel, see and learn starts in the home. We created #HomemadeHustle to motivate, and encourage. When we talk about being “homemade” we are talking about focusing on our core values and experiences. As athletes and women who are chasing our dreams, our current situation has become a wall blocking us from our normal routines, lifestyle and loved ones.

Some of us are staring at this wall and some of us have already been trying to find a way around it. This is where “Hustle” comes in. You DO NOT want to be stuck staring at it, we need you to hustle to get yourself pointed in the right direction.

Set & Accomplish Goals

At any point in our lives we should be looking forward to having fun and accomplishing goals. This also means mixing up our routines and trying out new ways to accomplish them. Right now might not be the routine change we would make if we had the choice, but we can make the best of the situations we are in.  

Take a look inside, remember your goals, and hustle your hardest to get back to where you left off. 

The faster you figure this out, the faster you can help your fellow teammates hustle along with you.

Importance of Working Out 

I don’t know about you, but working out everyday is literally keeping me sane. It’s something I look forward to most each day and I feel less stressed after I’m done. It also helps me feel like I have something normal and consistent in my routine.

Now more than ever, exercising is an important component to schedule into our day. We don’t only need it for physical strength, we need it for our mental health as well. Endorphins are a great way to boost your mood and lower depression or anxiety. Control what you can control and do what you can to move each day.

The last thing I want to mention, is how powerful and effective at home workouts can be. When the gym isn’t available, don’t feel like you can’t get a good workout it, because you can. You can have KILLER workouts from home. So go get your hustle on and show them how strong homemade can be!

Creating New Healthy Recipes

Here at Bad Athletics we believe in pursuing your dreams and finding what gives you purpose. For some of us, that’s cooking! Part of our #HomemadeHustle is to try new things and develop new hobbies, including cooking/baking.

Creating new recipes is an amazing creative outlet. Did you know that all of our products can be used in baking, specifically our Protein Powders? Check out our recipe posts to learn how to incorporate these ingredients into your next recipe!

Stay positive, surround yourself with family/friends, and start hustling! #HomemadeHustle

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We are excited to announce our theme for April… #HomemadeHustle💛 During this time we want you to stay motivated and have fun! Here’s how it will go: • 💦Workout: Each day you will do push ups and squats! Day 1 will start with 3 push up and 3 squats. Each day you will do 3 more than the day before. So by day 30 you will be doing 90 push ups and 90 squats! • ⭐️ After completing the workout, tag us in your story and use #HomemadeHustle. You will get 1 point each day for doing this! • 🍴Nutrition: We want you to try new things, so this month is all about creating recipes! When you make a recipe using any Bad Athletics supplement, post it on your story & tag us. You will get 1 point per recipe you make throughout the 30 days! • 🏆 The person with the most points by April 30th will win a GRANDPRIZE! We will also be doing weekly giveaways at random for those of you participating! • It starts tomorrow! Let’s 👏 go 👏

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