How Women Can Become Bold and Pursue Their Dreams

Did you know BAD stands for Bold and Determined? Because of this, I wanted the first lesson of Personal Development to be Bold. Here at BAD athletics, Bold means “We own our destiny and dare to chase our dreams.”

As women we often don’t feel bold enough to go after our dreams. It can be hard or even scary to chase after what we want in life. It’s important to take a moment and figure out what you want in life and what stops you from achieving it.

What Do You Really Want?

In order to go through the process of being bold, you have to change the way you think about yourself and what you’re capable of. Whether it’s your self-esteem, confidence, eating habits, or relationships, it can all be improved by simply recognizing what needs to change.

Most of the time it comes down to two things: Achievement or Meaning. 

Achievement- Producing results

Meaning- Experiences & Giving Back 

It is much easier to be Bold when there is achievement or meaning behind what you’re doing. Once you recognize what you really want, don’t let anything stop you.

What’s Preventing You From Having It?

It can be hard to know what causes you to be passive or timid in your life. Sometimes we get into the routine of our day to day lives and create habits that are limiting us and our potential. I want to remind you that you have unlimited potential and can achieve whatever you want!

People usually don’t pursue the things they want in life for one of these three reasons:

  • Lack of clarity: not having spent enough time believing you could achieve anything you wanted so you don’t have a clear idea. Not even sure what you want to change/achieve.
  • Don’t know how: you don’t seek out mentorship or coaches that could help you get what you want.
  • Inner Conflict: You don’t actually want the thing you keep telling yourself that you want and it’s built off other expectations for you, so you keep falling short. Make sure you’re doing what you want. Don’t change because of what other people say.

Being bold will help you resolve these issues and start on the path to success. 

Need help deciding what you want or what stops you from going after it? Download the free worksheet below to help get you started!

How Do You Take The Next Step? 

You are going to want to  Download your own Personal Discovery Worksheet Here  fill out each section with what we talked about above.

Focus – Pick one thing over the next 30 days you can work on.  

Actions – Pick only one action you can do everyday to get you closer to your goal.

After you have fill out the worksheet, put it somewhere you will see it. Remember this is a journey. Figuring out what you really want to work towards does not happen over night. You need to give yourself time to really know what you want. As you spend the time and energy taking action towards your goal you will start to notice things you like more or less and you can adapt your goals based on these experiences.

Join our private community and tell us what you are working on or what questions you have!


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