How To Motivate Yourself On “Off” Days

We all know the feeling of waking up and feeling unmotivated to get up and take on the day. This is a totally normal thing that happens to everyone at different points in our lives. These “off” days aren’t particularly productive or enjoyable and everyone experiences them. The important thing to focus on is how to motivate yourself on these days and still get things done. 

There are many reasons for you to experience an “off” day. Stress, anxiety, depression or fatigue could all be underlying factors. Regardless of what is causing it, it’s important to make the most of these “off” days and do what you can to have the best day possible. 

Here are our top tips for motivating yourself on “off” days.

1- Acknowledge your feelings & plan accordingly

The first and most important thing you should do when you’re feeling “off” is to acknowledge your feelings. It’s okay and normal to have days when your motivation is gone and you don’t feel like doing anything. Once you have acknowledged these feelings, plan accordingly. Don’t make a long to-do list or expect yourself to have a super productive day. Be kind to yourself, set small goals, and make the most of the situation! 

2- Get up and move

Starting is the hardest part. Don’t wait till you’re in the mood because that’ll never happen. Get up and start! Complete one small task – even if it’s just making your bed. You’ll feel better having one thing accomplished for the day even if its small. Completing one task might motivate you to move onto other things.

3- Start small

Something is better than nothing. If you’re really having an off day, be kind to yourself and don’t expect yourself to get everything done. Create a list of things you HAVE to get done and start there. Even if it’s only two things, write them down and get them done. Then you can relax knowing you got the bare minimum done for the day.

4- Set deadlines

When you’re feeling unmotivated, it’s important to set deadlines to make sure things get done. Procrastinating is only going to make your problems last longer. To avoid procrastination, set deadlines for yourself. Give yourself time to get things done and do it. 

5- Find something to look forward to

It’s okay to reward yourself when you get things done. It can give yourself something to look forward to once the task is completed/the day is over. The reward can be something as simple as time to watch your favorite television show or cooking a dinner you like.

6- Wear your favorite outfit

Sometimes something as simple as putting on your favorite outfit can make you feel better. We all know the saying, “Look good, feel good.” There’s a reason it’s so well-known, we really can feel better just by getting ready for the day.

7- Accountability friend

Accountability works and sometimes we just need someone to hold us accountable or support us. If you’re having an “off” day, give a friend or family member a call! Talking to someone can make you feel better and give you some clarity/motivation.

Hopefully you don’t experience “off” days too often, but if you do, I hope these tips help! Make sure you are doing things that excite you and make you happy.  Life is meant to be enjoyed!

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