How To Stay On Track During The Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, it’s good to start thinking about how to stay on track during the holidays. With so many parties and an endless supply of food, it can be hard to navigate. These are my top 10 tips for staying on track during the holidays. We got this!

1- Enjoy in moderation

The holidays are the best time of the year, so enjoy it! Eat your favorite treats and meals. Just be sure to do it in moderation. Eat a nutritious diet 80% of the time and allow yourself 20% of that diet to be filled with whatever you want. Following this method will ensure the majority of your food is healthy and will keep you on track.

2- Have an accountability partner

Having an accountability partner during the holidays is one of my secrets for success. The holiday season brings so many delicious desserts, candies, meals and drinks. Having someone to help you monitor how much you’re eating or working out will help you stay on track. Whether it’s your partner, friend, sibling or coworker, have someone that will hold you accountable and make sure you’re not going overboard.

3- Drink lots of water

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drinking enough water is going to prevent you from overeating and can help curb cravings. It can also help us stay healthy and avoid sickness. So while everyone is drinking their holiday cocktails, make sure you’re getting enough water.

4- Get a lot of sleep

Sleep is so important, especially during the holiday season. Cold and flu season is typically during this same period of time, so getting that full 7-9 hours of sleep each night is essential. This will also help you feel more energized and less likely to crave sugary snacks.

5- Bring healthier options

If you’re going to a holiday party, bring something healthy! Whether that’s a veggie tray or fruit with yogurt dip, bring something healthier. This way you will know there’s a healthy option and if other people bring healthy items you’ll have more to choose from.

6- Find ways to be active

The holiday season is all about cuddling up with a blanket and hot cocoa, but we still need to be active! Especially if we’re eating more calorically dense foods. Find ways to be active. Get a home workout in, go for a walk, have a dance party, whatever you want! Just make sure you’re getting your blood pumping each day. Doing this can also help you stay healthy and avoid getting sick. 

7- Plan the meals you can control

During the holidays, we often can’t control what food people are serving at parties. So what I like to do is eat healthy during the meals I can control. For example, if I know I have a dinner party, I’ll make sure my breakfast and lunch are nutritious and lower in calories. This way I can enjoy my dinner more and not worry as much about what I’m eating.

8- Be the good example

At the party, be the one who eats a balanced meal. Fill your plate with the correct portions. If you do that I can guarantee you’ll influence others around you to eat a more balanced meal.

Another way to be a good example is to find ways to create activities or parties that can be healthy/active. Plan a family activity that is active (sledding, ice skating, making a snowman, etc.) instead of watching a movie at home and eating junk. 

9- Go easy on the condiments

I’m not gonna lie, it can be hard to eat healthy during the holidays. One of my top tips is to go easy on the condiments. This includes salad dressings and butter! During the holidays there is butter everywhere you turn. The same goes for salads. You may think you’re being healthy, but the dressing typically is full of calories. Try to eat small portions and don’t overdo it. 

10- Focus on getting enough protein into your meals and snacks

Protein is the key to feel full and satisfied. Make sure all of your snacks and meals have at least 20g of protein. One of the hardest things about the holidays is the constant snacking. Put a stop to it by getting enough protein into your diet!

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