Importance of Power- Power vs Strength

What Is Power? 

Power is the maximum amount of strength you can generate in the shortest amount of time. It uses your fast-twitch (type-2) muscle fibers and the phosphagen system. The phosphagen system uses creatine stores to regenerate energy within your cells, also known as ATP. That’s why creatine is so important when it comes to building serious power! 


There are many benefits to having power, especially for athletes. It helps you run faster, hit harder, jump higher and overall be more explosive. As an athlete, if you’re competing in a specific sport this can make you a more exciting athlete to watch! Being explosive means you can sprint faster to a ball, hit the ball out of the field or for our fighters out there, knock someone out. 

Strength vs. Power

Strength is the ability to move weight and power is the ability to move weight quickly. They’re both important and both play different roles. They often go hand in hand especially when training because you can train both in the same workout. To get the best results, I recommend doing 1-2 power exercises at the beginning of your workout, after your warm up, when you’re completely fresh! This allows you to get the most out of the exercise and push yourself hard.

How To Build Power

Power development comes from heavy weight, low reps, high sets and longer rests. For optimal training results traditionally, 3 to 8 sets of 6 reps or less is recommended with 2-5 mins rest between sets. The reps and sets will depend on the exercise being performed and the weight of load being lifted.

Something athletes need to focus on when training is to take a rests during the workout. They may not be used to it or feel they aren’t working as hard because it is longer, but it is important to make sure you take the full rest time so you are “fresh” for each set!

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