Integrity Is Essential To Getting Into The Best Shape Of Your Life

As a personal development coach working in the fitness industry for the last 10 years I’ve studied the common values that women must have in order to achieve their goals. Let’s dive into one of the most important – Integrity.

Integrity = keep our promises to ourselves and others.

I’ve talked to 1000’s of women about their goals and integrity is more important than most women realize. If you don’t have integrity you need to start working on it TODAY

Getting into the best shape of your life isn’t easy, but by working on your personal development and implementing integrity your chances of success will skyrocket! 

Why is Integrity SO Important

What makes integrity so important, is that it’s a hard quality to have. It’s what keeps you accountable to getting in the best shape of your life. It drives action which drives results and you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t want  results! 

Doing what you say you’re going to do is hard and we all know changing anything in life can be a challenge. 

When we care about someone who doesn’t keep their word or breaks our trust, it is painful. Why wouldn’t we hold ourselves to the same standard?

What Happens When We Don’t Have Integrity With Ourselves

Integrity is an important motivator for change. If we want to feel confident in our bodies and our minds, we must honor and respect ourselves. Integrity is the foundation for this respect.

Without integrity, we are more likely to give up on our goals. Trust me it’s a lot harder to start a goal the 20th time than the first time. It becomes increasingly more challenging to get up and make improvements each time we fall short.

When you make a promise to achieve a goal or to get up and go to the gym, you can’t give yourself a way out. When you let yourself give up you’ll start to see a decline in confidence…

Then we see no results…

Then we give up…

When you set a goal to get up and go to the gym you MUST keep that goal. You need to wake up that next morning and give yourself a win. As you start to demonstrate integrity with yourself you build confidence, have small wins, and start seeing results. 

You can completely avoid getting into the failure loop. 

We Share Our Goals With Others

As women and athletes we tend to take on a lot of responsibility. We make and keep promises with everyone around us and stop realizing what it is we need (which also leads to us breaking our own promises to ourselves). 

We combat this by making sure we are sharing our goals with those important people in our life, we join a team of other women with similar goals, and we even find a coach when we need more information to complete our goals. 

We recruit those people in our lives that ask a lot of us to do something for us as well. Then we can start communicating what it is we need to do and they can start to hold us accountable. 

If you are still searching for what your goals should be you can start with practicing discovery and setting intentions. 

After you’ve identified your goal through discovery, you can start to set intentions, track your goals, and achieve more. Just don’t forget to implement integrity with yourself and others. 

The value of integrity is doing what we promised even when life makes it difficult. When we do, we become more bold, determined and confident in ourselves.


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