Lesly Rodriguez

Lesly was one of our very first signups for the 10 Day Challenge and has the distinction of being the first person to complete our newly launched 60 Day Challenge! She’s super dedicated, self-motivated, and always so supportive and encouraging to the other members in our private groups. We’re so happy to share a little bit about her journey and her Big Bad Wins along the way, read more below:


Tell us a little about your health and fitness journey so far! Have you always been interested in fitness and working out? Were you an athlete in high school? What brought you to where you are right now?  

I was never interested in exercising until I had my second baby which was when I decided to start eating better and working out. I had always played soccer until finishing high school, I love to play sports even though it’s hard for me because I have 3 kids now! 

What brought me where I’m right now?  My kids and my family are my main motivations outside of my desire to be the best I can be. People seem to always complain and excuse their low activity levels because they have kids, I’m motivated to show those moms that kids and always taking care of other people aren’t an excuse to not take care of ourselves. I understand that some people don’t have so much time for themselves either but I’ve learned that in this journey, it’s all about sacrifices and you have to make time to take care of yourself. 


What kinds of activities do you enjoy, tell us your favorite ways to break a sweat. 

I love to run and hike with my family!


Take us through a normal day. How do you structure your time and balance your different responsibilities with your hobbies and interests? 

I wake up at 4:50 am make coffee get my husband’s lunch box ready. Then I make time for myself before I wake my kids to drop them to school and then care for my baby girl. Make lunch, pick up the kids, do homework, make dinner, give them a shower, clean the house, spend time with the husband. Sometimes I have church 3 times a week so I have to make time in between those days too. There’s no secret to finding extra time, you have to make it happen. 


What advice do you have for people who are just getting started or are just getting back into it from taking time off? 

Stay positive and strong no matter what.  There will be some days that you won’t want to do anything but that’s when you have to push yourself. Everything in this life takes time, so be patient and never give up or look to other people’s experiences in comparison because everyone is different and we’re in different stages. 


You recently completed the brand new 60 Day Challenge, congrats! Tell us a little about your experience working through this challenge and anything you learned about yourself along the way. 

I was kinda scared at first cause I have never done a boxing challenge before, only the 10 Day Challenge from Bad Athletics which I loved, but I knew that this one was going to be a little bit more challenging. I enjoyed every single workout even though it was definitely difficult. I’m happy that I completed it.  The food was ahhmmaazzing, I was so so happy with the food choices and the best part is that each recipe was so easy to make and I didn’t feel guilty for eating any of it.


What is your biggest win (when it comes to your own health and fitness)?

My Biggest Win is that I made the decision to be a better version of myself for myself first and then for my family.


Tell us about the hardships and challenges you’ve overcome and the lessons you’ve learned along the way. If there’s an experience that really shaped your journey and you feel comfortable with sharing it, please do! 

When I got injured I felt so down and depressed cause I couldn’t work out for almost 5 months and I felt like I was getting behind my friends and I wanted to stay together with them. I saw their results and their hard work and it made me mad at myself until I realized that after an injury I can always go back, I just need to be patient and take care of myself to get better. There’s no point to rush things otherwise I will get hurt again. Now, if I feel like my body needs rest, I will take it and no matter what. I do what I think is best for me. 

This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. I will take my time to get there and in the end, I’ll still get there. It might take longer but I’ll get there and will finish strong. 


What (or Who) inspires you and why? 

 Me.. I’m my numero uno motivation because I’ve learned that when I do things to inspire other people I ended up giving up.  Why? Because I never started it for myself. When I am self-motivated I don’t stop and I don’t give up. 


In your observation, what do you think is the biggest road-block people face when it comes to reaching their health and fitness goals? 

People make a lot of excuses when it comes to fitness goals. But like the saying says: when you really want something you work for it. I completely believe that. 


If you help other women understand one thing about health and fitness, what would it be?

Trust the progress and love yourself. Love your body and adjust your motivation when you don’t see the results you think you want. 


What makes you Bad?

What makes me bad.. is that I love tacos lol… and I keep showing up for myself. I am my own motivation. 


Who are your favorite people to follow on social media and why (list their handle)

Kaytlin Neil

Trainer Lindsey 

Veggie Lisa 

Sadie Kolb 

Brook Ence

Katrín Davíðsdóttir


Bonus: What’s your favorite Bad Athletics product and flavor combo? 

I love everything, but my absolute favorite Bad Protein combo is Dark Chocolate and Coconut. For BCAAs I love to mix the Mango and Watermelon together. 


We’re super proud of Lesly and her commitment to building herself and others up. She truly represents everything a Bad Athlete should be. Love stories like this? We’ve got more Big Bad Wins right HERE! 


Looking for a good place to start? Our 10 Day Challenge features 10 days worth of workouts that can be done entirely at home + a common sense meal plan, access to Coach Kaytlin and our Bad Athletes community too. Oh, and it’s entirely FREE. Sign up today! 

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  1. Kerri Dalrymple says:

    Way to go Leslie! You are an inspiration to all of us Bad Ath’s! Love yourself first and always keep fighting!

  2. Myria says:

    Love this Lesly!! You are truly inspiring and live the Bad Athlete life every freaking day!! Love you friend!!

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