Hydration- So Many Fitness Benefits It Will Make You Sweat

Coach Haley here! I’m the certified nutritionist here at Bad Athletics and I want talk about hydration and why drinking the right amount or water may make all the difference. 

I get asked almost everyday, “where should I start to improve my nutrition?” 

The first thing I always recommend is making sure you are hydrated. Water does so many amazing things for our bodies and is extremely important for overall health.

1- The Importance of Hydration

You’ve probably heard that drinking water and staying hydrated is important. But do you ever wonder why? Besides keeping us alive, water serves many functions in the body.

Water transports things to and from cells in your body, dissolves sugars, flushes important organs and removes toxins, regulates body temperature, and works as padding for your joints. It can also help you lose weight, improve quality of sleep, and energy levels. 

Staying hydrated is important, but drinking enough water is the key to having a healthy body and mind.

2- How Much Water Should I Drink?

Our bodies are amazing and can usually tell us or show us if we are hydrated or not. There are many different opinions on how much water you should drink, but in my opinion, you should try to get around a half gallon of water each day. This will of course depend on many things like your fitness level, diet, age, and health.

My first tip for staying hydrated is, don’t wait until you’re thirsty! Being thirsty means your body is already dehydrated and is signaling a need for water. Feeling thirsty may also indicate that you have decreased your focus, clarity and performance without even realizing.

  • One of my favorite things to mix in with my water is Bad Athletics Energy. It provides a boost in energy and mood and is packed with B Vitamins and Anioxidants.

So, when you start feeling thirsty drink! Try to drink throughout the day to decrease the chances of feeling thirst.

Funnily enough, another way to gage if you’re staying hydrated is by paying attention to the color of your pee! If your pee is clear or light yellow, you’re hydrated. If it’s anything darker, you’re dehydrated and need to drink water ASAP! 

3- Other Sources of Hydration

Besides water, what else can help you stay hydrated? If you’re anything like me, plain water gets boring. To mix it up, I add lemon or limes, or other fruit to my water to give it some flavor and fun color! 

I also like to use Bad BCAAs mixed with our Energy. Our BCAAs formula is made with coconut water powder and himilayin salt specifically designed to keep you hydrated while the Energy gives you a boost in mood and energy.

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