The Importance of Exercise & Eating Healthy

We have all heard that eating healthy and exercising are important. Exercising is good on its own and eating healthy is also good on its own, but it’s better to do them together. The combination of the two allows you to sustain a healthy lifestyle and avoid discouragement.

Exercising and eating healthy speeds up results. When you do both, you have less work to put in. This applies to whatever your health and fitness goals are. Whether you’re wanting to lose or gain weight, focusing on both exercise and nutrition will get you there faster and enable you to live a healthy lifestyle.

Less Work To Achieve Results

As I mentioned, both of these are great on their own. There are many benefits to working out and eating healthy. It’s even better if you do them both at the same time.

The main reason I say this is because it allows you to reach your goals faster. If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, have more energy, or just feel good about yourself, the combination of eating healthy and exercising is going to allow you to reach those goals twice as fast.  

This is especially helpful when trying to lose weight. Losing weight can be challenging for many of us. This is usually because we are only focusing on our exercise or nutrition and rarely take advantage of benefitting from both.

Caloric Deficit

Normally, when someone wants to lose weight (specifically fat) they have to be in a calorie deficit. A calorie deficit is when you eat  less calories than you burn. This is what allows you to lose weight.

To lose one pound of fat in a week (which is a sustainable goal), you would have to be in a caloric deficit of 500 calories per day. You can create this deficit by eating 500 less calories, burning 500 more calories or a combination of the two. 

It is much easier to eat 500 less calories than it is to burn 500 more calories each day. However, if you implement both exercise and eating less you won’t have to sacrifice too much one way or the other and it is much easier to do.

So next time you’re trying to lose weight, incorporate both exercise and healthy eating to speed up results and not have so much sacrifice in one area. By doing this, you will create habits that allow you to consistently live this lifestyle and keep the weight off!

Muscle Mass

Gaining muscle mostly consists of two things: Strength training and consuming enough protein. In order to grow muscle you have to lift weights because it creates small micro tears in your muscle and the protein is what rebuilds those tears, making your muscle bigger over time.

The only way you can get proteins from eating/drinking it. It’s so important to your muscle growth that you feed your body protein immediately after your workouts and continue eating it throughout the day to maintain your muscle mass.

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