Tips For Staying Motivated!

Motivation is great to get you started, but it doesn’t always last. Staying motivated takes effort, discipline and planning! It’s the habits you develop through discipline that will build lasting results and keep you going when the motivation isn’t there. 

That being said, here are our top tips for staying motivated in the gym and in life!

1. Remind yourself of your goals daily

In the morning, right when you wake up, have a trigger that will remind you to review your goals. Whether it is a journal by your bed, a reminder on your phone or a sticky note on your mirror, this will help you keep the bigger picture in mind and get your mindset right for what you need to accomplish that day to get you one step closer.   

2. Get an accountability-buddy.

There’s nothing that will make sure you show up to the gym and eat healthy foods more than knowing that you’ll be working out with and checking in with someone else. Plus, it’s nice to have someone there to push you to workout harder! 

3. Make a workout playlist.

 and update it often. Instead of shuffling through all the songs on your phone, be intentional with your music. Put a list together of music you like and try to find new songs that fire you up. There’s nothing like training to a new bop that really gets your blood pumping! 

4. Picture the future. 

When you’re sitting there on your couch debating whether or not you actually want to workout (we’ve all done it, it’s ok) picture how you will feel after your workout. How much closer will that get you to reaching your goals and what would that mean to you? 

5. Mix up your workouts.

It can be hard to stay motivated when you’re doing the same workouts day after day. A great way to stay motivated is by mixing up your workouts. There are so many ways to exercise, so have fun and try new things! You may find you enjoy workouts you didn’t think you would.

You’re All Set!

I hope you find some of these tips helpful! Next time you don’t feel like workout out or eating healthy, remember these tips. As you push through those hard days you will become more consistent and see results!

It won’t be easy and you’ll have to dig down deep and do it anyway. If you tell yourself you’re going to workout, do it! Hold yourself accountable and practice these tips to keep you motivated!

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