What it Means to Train Like a Bad Athlete

Hey Bad Athletes! It’s Kaytlin Neil, the Head Coach at Bad Athletics. I’m a professional MMA fighter and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. I have been a personal trainer for over 10 years and an MMA fighter for over 8. By combining my knowledge of being a professional athlete with coaching women, I have been able to develop the training protocol we have here at Bad Athletics. I’m here to help you optimize your training so you can perform at your best and achieve your goals!

Have A Purpose

What separates Athletes from Bad Athletes is that we don’t workout, we train. We have goals and intentions behind our training. Our focus is on how we feel and show up in our life, making ourselves uncomfortable and growing as athletes and human beings. 

Our focus isn’t on aesthetics, it’s athletics. 

How Does A Bad Athlete Train?

Bad Athletes focus on training as a whole; mobility, power, strength, endurance, flexibility and recovery. It’s important to do it all! In addition, we believe that mental work is just as important as the physical. Our training mixed with the personal development work from Coach, Whitney Meine, will have you thriving in your day-to-day life! 

When it comes to working out, we want you to pick a form of exercise that will be enjoyable. If dance cardio isn’t your thing, don’t force yourself into a dance cardio class. There are so many ways to exercise, so pick something you like! 


Why focus on power in your training? There are many benefits to training power. For one, it helps improve your reaction time and agility. It also improves your strength and endurance which is important in sports and weight lifting. 

Having power is one of the most important physical attributes for an MMA fighter, because it simply helps you win fights and stay as safe as possible while doing it. You need power for striking, takedowns, grappling and for defense. Having power not only makes your opponent respect you, but it also can help you get out of sticky situations and slip punches like a pro.

Power isn’t just important in a MMA fight, power can help you in your everyday life. Working on your power will help decrease the risk of injuries and improve your body’s overall function and performance. 

Strength & Endurance

Strength and endurance are two things we often associate with athletes. Having strength and endurance allows you to perform power movements and activities without as much fatigue. 

Strength and endurance contribute to more than your athletic performance. They can help improve your overall health. You will have stronger muscles, healthier bones, and achieve a healthy body composition. 

For some ideas on how to improve your strength and endurance, check out the workouts below:


Flexibility is a huge part of our training focus because of its benefits. It helps our muscle/joint tissues stay healthy and keeps us running smoothly. Flexibility also increases our range of motion, which is important in physical fitness because it makes walking, bending, and lifting easier.

Feel stiff and sore the day after a workout? It can all be prevented by taking the time to stretch and improve flexibility. You will have fewer injuries, less pain, and better posture and balance.


Bad Athletes know that being successful with our training requires us to take recovery seriously. Whether it’s foam rolling, stretching, or drinking protein, make time to get it done.

Recovery is important because it allows our body to adapt, replenish, and repair. Exercise damages our tissues and causes stress on our muscles, so we need to give them time to repair.

Another important aspect of recovery is eating/drinking the right things right after a workout. Drinking protein or BCAAs right after a workout are going to help your muscles recover and build quicker. 

In Conclusion

It doesn’t matter what exercises you like doing or how hard you train. Choosing things you enjoy will make training a better experience. Have a purpose and focus on more than just the exercises. Work on your flexibility, power, strength and recovery to improve your overall health.

Join us in training like a Bad Athlete today and sign up for our 60 day fitness challenge.


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