Why Women Need BCAAs

Every woman, no matter how much or how little you exercise, can benefit from taking BCAAs. BCAAs have many health benefits, especially for women. Find out more about BCAAs and how they can improve your workout experience and confidence.

1. Support Lean Muscle

BCAAs may support healthy muscle growth because they are the building blocks of muscles. Your body uses BCAAs along with other proteins to repair and rebuild damaged muscle tissue.

Muscle tissue is important because it has impacts on other parts of our body, including our metabolism. When you have an increase in muscle mass, you burn more calories and typically have less fat.

Most women want lean muscle mass and BCAAs are a great option for reaching those goals.

2. Increase Hydration

Drinking BCAAs can increase your hydration because you mix it with water. However, our BCAAs have a specific hydration blend formulated to hydrate your muscles better than water or other BCAAs on the market. 

Our formula has a blend of coconut water and hymalayan salt. This combination has been proven in studies to provide your body with more hydration than water alone. There isn’t enough salt to cause any bloating or increase sodium levels and all of our high quality ingredients are natural.

3. Decrease Muscle Soreness

Studies have shown that BCAAs may help with muscle soreness. When consumed before or during a workout they can help suppress the muscle protein breakdown. 

BCAAs can be consumed before, during, or after your workout. Our blend of BCAAs is best for during and after a workout because of it’s hydration blend and ability to repair your muscles.

4. Improve Endurance

During endurance training, our bodies are able to use BCAAs from our muscles to produce energy. It has been proven that using BCAAs during exercise may reduce muscle break down. 

BCAAs may also help prevent or delay fatigue. Not only do they help improve performance, they allow less tryptophan to the brain. As a result, we experience less fatigue during and after the workout.

5. Boost Immune System

Studies have shown that BCAAs can help our immune systems be strong and recover faster which results in a lower chance of getting sick. Especially in athletes. BCAAs can be taken on an empty stomach, which may actually aid their absorption. Our blend of BCAAs has electrolytes and minerals that help you stay energized and fueled for your workouts. The hydration blend can also help you stay hydrated and give your immune system the boost it needs.

BCAAs are great for women and can help you see faster results in the gym! Grab some now by clicking below!

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