The BAD Workout Buff – Features, Uses & More

Introducing The BAD Buff! Buffs have been gaining popularity and for a good reason. They’re the ultimate multi use product. Not sure what a buff is or why you need one? This blog is for you!

What Is A Buff?

A buff is a tubular piece of fabric that is breathable and has many uses. Whether you’re looking for a bandana, headband, beanie, skullcap, scrunchie, neck warmer, armband or face covering, a buff is the solution. 

With over twelve ways to wear it, you have no excuse to not get one. It’s great for outdoor runners, walkers, hikers, cyclists, and fitness enthusiasts of all types. You can also wear a buff to sporting events, parties, outings, camping, or other activities.

The BAD Workout Buff

Our BAD Workout Buff is made of 100% polyester microfiber. This makes it breathable and comfortable, yet it wicks away moisture in the heat and insulates against cold.

One size fits all. Measures: 9 1/2″ x 19 ½

Reasons To Get A Buff

– Useful Year Round: Buffs can be worn all year round and can help you enjoy the outdoors in any weather. They keep you warm during the fall and winter but can also cool you down in the spring and summer. In addition, they protect your skin from the sun and wind. 

– It’s Versatility: As we mentioned earlier, a buff can be worn over a dozen ways. If you need help figuring out the different ways to wear a buff, check out this video!

– Wicking Fabric: Buffs are made with wicking fabric that dries quickly. Made for wiping sweat or soaking up water, the buff has many jobs.

As you can see, we think buffs are something everyone could benefit from! Get yours today for FREE with any purchase over $50!

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