60 Day Challenge

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Coach Kaytlin’s Be Bold. Be Bad. 60 Day Challenge is a progression of the principles, fitness, and nutrition introduced in our Be Strong. Be Bold. Be Bad. 10 Day Challenge. You don’t need to have completed the 10 Day Challenge to participate in this program, but we highly recommend it as part of the Be Bad process!

This challenge builds on the unique combat style workouts featured in the 10 Day Challenge. Each workout utilizes confidence building MMA moves as part of a killer HIIT style workout, led by our own in-house fighter, Coach Kaytlin.

The workouts are accompanied by a nutrition ebook full of simple, common sense recipes and a customizable meal plan designed to help you develop sustainable and realistic eating habits to suit your tastes and preferences. Keep the foods you love and learn the best ways to incorporate them into your diet.

We’re here to Be Better than we were yesterday. We’re here to Be Stronger. We’re here to Be Bolder. We’re here to be Bad. Time fight for what WE want and what we deserve.

Be a part of something bigger, stronger and 100% badder than anything you’ve ever been a part of before.

Let’s get to work!