The Ultimate Hit It Hard Program Bundle

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Coach Kaytlin’s Hit It Hard 60 Day Program uses bodyweight MMA and HIIT style workouts to promote fat loss and build lean muscle.

The workouts are accompanied by a nutrition ebook full of simple, everyday recipes and a customizable meal plan designed to help you develop sustainable and realistic eating habits. Keep eating the foods you love by making healthier versions to incorporate into your diet.

We’re here to Be Better than we were yesterday. We’re here to Be Stronger. We’re here to Be Bolder. We’re here to be Bad. It is time to fight for what WE want and what we deserve.

Be a part of something bigger, stronger and 100% badder than anything you’ve ever been a part of before.

Let’s get to work!

Get the Ultimate Bundle with FREE gloves, t-shirt, and protein to kick off your goals with everything you need.

Bad Athletics Protein With Your Purchase

Use Bad Athletics Protein to fuel your workouts over the next 60 days!

Bad Athletics BCAAs

Supports lean muscle mass and improves recovery

FREE Gloves

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In stock